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My Child Wants to Play AAU Sports!
The 'AAU Club Locator' was developed to assist parents with finding a place for their child to play AAU Sports.

Purpose of the program

This program gives the parents an opportunity to have a coach contact them regarding their child's participation with their team, squad, school, club, dojo and others.  The program is designed to keep the child's personal information confidential while using the parent as the contact person for communication purposes. This procedure ensures the integrity of the child's information.  Click the 'AAU Club Locator' tab below to find out more.

AAU Club Locator
Click Here

AAU clubs do not report their tryout schedule to the GA AAU office. 
The AAU office is not allowed to give out personal information in accordance with the current privacy laws on record.

Good Sportsmanship

Good Sportsmanship helps create an environment that fosters a good experience for the Athletes. 

Sportsmanship is a responsibility that should be shared by Athletes, Officials, Coaches and Spectators. 

Sportsmanship: Players, Coaches, Officials and Spectators



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“The information contained herein is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be complete, or is it represented as such.  The AAU does not endorse nor recommend any specific club(s), coach(es) or athletes.  The AAU merely provides this information as a service; it neither verifies nor guarantees the accuracy thereof.”
For more information visit www.aausports.org



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